Insular Treasures of the Šibenik Archipelago

Feel the romance of intimicy and rich heritage and embark upon the roving jurney of self-discovery among the insular teasures of the Šibenik archipelago!

The wonderfully charming and peaceful islands of Kaprije, Krapanj, Murter, Prvić, Zlarin and Žirje have a rich history and culture and they also abound in fertile soil, vineyards and vibrant marine life. As navigation, fishing and farming were once the only source of livelihood, they are very much cherished and preserved alongside tourism even today. Lovely aromatic beaches of these islands, the crack of wood warming under the sun and colourful diverse fruits are what adorns these splendid romantic islands. Besides the lovely inhabited islands, one should by all means visit and explore magnificent Kornati National Park in the eponymous archipelago of 89 islands!

Magical and Peaceful Islands

Most Important on the Islands