…where the river kisses the sea

Enjoy a green oasis in the Dalmatian karst landscape and witness the magic of water, strength of spirit and hard work. Take a walk on the educational hiking trails leading to spectacular viewpoints, discover the magnificent tufa barriers, relax with the sound of waterfalls, or take a boat ride down the little river Guduća and enjoy the unique landscape it forms, alongside frogs and birds! 

Hidden in the estuary of the river Krka, the town of Skradin is surrounded by beautiful and landscape. Due to its untouched nature and particular natural values, especially a unique karst phenomenon – the tufa barriers, a section of the river Krka became a national park in 1985, while the lower course of the river, where it is widest and calmest, was protected as a landscape of special significance. At this particular spot, Krka flows into Prokljan Lake, together with the river Guduća, forming an interesting ornithological reserve and a true paradise for bird watchers and enthusiasts.

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