Museum of Historical Vehicles and Industrial Property in Skradin is unique museum of technical culture in Dalmatia!

The Conceptive Museum presents the exhibition "Ferdinand Budicki Museum in Skradin", which is organized in partnership with the Museum of the same name in Zagreb. The Ferdinand Budicki car museum besides exhibiting old-fashioned cars, motorbikes, bicycles, photographs, artifacts and memorabilia, organizes thematic exhibitions, lectures and forums, movie projections, conducting technical workshops and restorations, and other events related to the introduction, learning and promotion of 120 years of motor culture in Croatia.

Apart from the introduction of the motorcycle launches in our area (18/19 century), the exhibition continues conceptually to the part called "Behind the Iron Curtain", which carries the world of cars and motorcycles from the period until the late 80s of the last century. The cultural identity of Croatia at the beginning of the last century through the automotive culture presented through the exhibition 'Ferdinand Budicki Museum in Skradin' is a completely new look at Skradin and Sibenik, Dalmatia and Croatia of the very beginnings of motorization was part of a developed European society and of all the social flows that emerged from the new order like the first car in Split in 1907 or Adriatic highway in 1929.

The Scardona Park Museum and the Car Museum Ferdinand Budicki have given a special place to car show in these areas where East and West have always been encountered, as well as through the vehicles of former Eastern European and Western manufacturers and brands. So visitors can return for a while at the age of  grandparents, parents, and their childhood. In addition, the exhibition presents the so-called Retro living room with typical furnishings and technical appliances of that era.

For the youngest visitors, there is a Children's Playroom where children can play retro and eco-friendly toys, while parents or grandparents playing with the first electronic toys or simply relaxing with the music of some other time.

Oldtimer Club is area for relaxation and rest, and can also be used for organizing occasional additions, lectures, private celebrations of large and "small" guests.

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