Geographical and Historical Position

The county's southernmost coastal resort of Rogoznica, with its adjacent Ražanj and 54 km of gorgeously indented coast, is particularly famous for nautical, coastal and marine tourism. The small, peaceful and relatively recent town surrounded by an exquisite marine environment and a breath-taking open sea was built on the ruins of vibrant antique and medieval settlements, offering several mystical and captivating legends that bond an individual wanderlust explorer with a beckoning allure of magical faraway places.  

Do not miss

  • Enjoying Various Services of the Exceptional Facilities of the Marina Frapa, One of the Most Beautiful Marinas in the Entire Mediterranean
  • Sailing Around Extraordinary Places like Cape Planka, the most outstretched part of the Eastern Adriatic and a geographical and climate divider of its north and south
  • Visit Dragon's Eye, a unique lake surrounded by cliffs up to 24 m high and a place of several fascinating legends
  • Scuba Diving and Swimming Around Countless Private Coves and Diverse Crystal-Clear Beaches

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