Delicacies from times past you simply must taste!

Enjoy the authentic aromas and flavours of traditional local delicacies, made from fresh ingredients and based on old recipes.

The distinctive Skradin cuisine is a harmonious blend of the rich taste and aroma of Dalmatian and continental cuisine. Some of the traditional dishes on the Skradinjan menu that are definitely worth of trying are cold skradin bijod (eel) with polenta cooked from corn flour milled at Skradinski buk mills and fried čokalice - small fish that live in a layer of brackish water.

The most unusual of the meat dishes is the unusual archaic dish - koprtlje. These are sticks of prosciutto and pancetta wrapped in lamb chops and cooked with pieces of dried meat. There are also sausages from the Skradin hinterland, spiced with nutmeg and garlic juice soaked in white wine, as well as various dishes under the baking lid- peka. The pearl of Skradin cuisine is a unique Skradin risotto, a dish traditionally prepared by men and cooked carefully for eight, nine, and sometimes eleven hours. In Skradin restaurants it is also possible to occasionally find dried lamb and excellent game dishes.

Tasting trunks of exceptional and distinctive Skradin cuisine is a true gastronomic safari for even the most discerning gourmets!